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Whenever we buy a product, we expect it to work as described and to not cause any injuries. Unfortunately, many of the products that hit the consumer markets are defective and can cause serious physical injury. More often than not, these defective products cause injuries that warrant a product liability claim.

When it comes to consumer products, the truth is that many times companies put profits ahead of safety. When a consumer is injured due to the use of these products, the company should be held accountable.

A product liability claim can hold the manufacturer, distributor, retailer, parts assembler, part supplier and even the wholesaler liable for personal injuries. These claims can be based on negligence, strict liability, and even breach of warranty. Sometimes, a product liability claim can consist of all three components, however, every case is different.

A product liability claim can be filed if one of the following holds true:

If the product that injured you was dangerous and had no warning
If there is a defect or flaw in the design of the product
If there is a defect or flaw in the manufacturing process.

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