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Intentional Torts

Personal Injury and Intentional Tort Claims

The term Intentional Tort is used to describe a situation in which someone is harmed intentionally or purposely. A few examples of intentional torts are as follows:

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
False Arrest and False Imprisonment
Excessive Force
Sexual Assault and

Intentional tort cases are very similar to personal injury lawsuits. Some of the damages that a victim of an intentional tort can seek compensation for are as follows:

Doctor Bills
X-Ray and Specialist Bills
Disability (temporary and permanent)
Loss of Income
Future Loss of Income
Loss of Consortium
Pain and Suffering
Rehabilitation Costs
Out of Pocket Expenses

To establish future costs, our attorneys will work with medical and economic experts to demonstrate the type of treatment and the costs that will be required in the future.

At the Law Offices of Philip Russell, LLC our attorneys have a history of success handling intentional tort cases throughout the State of Connecticut and the State of New York. We will stand by you for the entire length of your case from the first interview all the way through a trial, if necessary.

Lastly, if we accept your case, you have nothing to pay up front; our fee will come out of the settlement or jury verdict, and only at that time can we be paid.

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